Thursday, 18 April 2013

Posting Articles about Photographic Technique

At the top of the Sidebar to the right of these posts, you will see an item called 'Pages'. I am having a go at putting up individual articles on particular topics, and one method is to create a new page. Each of the pages will contain a separate article, and many of them will be illustrated.

An alternative will be to set up a second blog, with the intention being that each separate topic will be put up as a new post. If I decide to try the second blog approach, I assume that there will be somewhere on this page that I will be able to set up a link to enable interested parties to find their way to the new articles. Updates to follow as necessary.

The first article is now available, with the somewhat cumbersome title: "Size Constancy Scaling" as a Psychological Explanation for Disappointments with Wide-Angle Lens Images, by clicking the title in the Sidebar. Those of you who have experience of my earlier efforts to use the internet for Photographic discussions will be familiar with the content, but it should still be of interest to people not aware of the ideas. Opinions, via the comments box, as to whether or not the separate page method works, will be considerately received.

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