Monday, 15 April 2013

'The Snug', Carnforth

The observant among you ...

may have already noticed the presence of a link to The Snug Micropub at the top of the page, and the fact that, if you click on the picture of Gregg over on the right hand side, it takes you to my Picasa album of pictures of the Snug.

You never know what you will find on the bar at the Snug
Not much to do with photography, you might say. But I find myself much less interested in toting camera and tripod all the way up a hill nowadays, and much more enthusiastic about a walk that involves a stop in a pub. So I take quite a few pictures of the inside of pubs, and pictures of the beers available on hand pump. (To the degree that I now refer to my 'photographic memory' when it comes to recalling what pub we visited on a particular day, or what beer we may have sampled). And when it comes to drinking at a pub like the Snug, with an ever-changing selection of beers from all over, but with a preponderance of local breweries represented, it is always a pleasant surprise to discover what's on. Never a dull moment.

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  1. Hi Glenn, I really do hope you don't mind, but I have used a couple of your brilliant photos on the new website/blog I have put together for The Snug Ukulele Group. I was looking for photos of The Snug and came across your blog, as I was drawn to the images. They're really vibrant.

    Will you be returning to The Snug to take any more photos in the future? If so I would love to do a blog post on the site for it (just a photo blog with captions and a link back to your blog). If you do, would you get a photo of the pub's ukulele (yep, there is now one on the shelf permanently for people to grab and strum! The regulars have really taken it to heart!) in front of the pumps, as I'd love for something a bit more ukey on the site.

    I have also credited you at the bottom of the pages where I have used your images. If you're not okay with this, do shoot me over an email at ukulelekris[at]

    I realise I am a cheeky bugger, but I hope you don't mind.

    Kind Regards